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  • PROJECT NAME: 4-Way ASRS Roto Euro Pallet

    SIZE: 800x1200x160MM

    COLOR: Blue/Green/Grey/Natural


    Non Reversible 4-way entry Euro Pallet with 3 longitudinal skid and steel reinforcement, Anti-Skid top & Safety-Edge made of special FDA grade polyethylene having over all dimension of 800mmX1200mmX160mm,

    Static Load – 3000kgs,

    Dynamic & Racking Load – 1000kgs

  • PROJECT NAME: Roto Pallet with Corrugated Top, Rackable Pallet

    SIZE: 1200x1200x160MM, 1140x1140x160MM, 1000x1200x160MM, 1200x1000x160MM & 1000x1000x160MM

    COLOR: Blue/Green/Grey/Natural


    Non Reversible 2-way entry Pallet with 3 longitudinal legs and steel reinforcement, corrugated top with safety edges made of special FDA grade polyethylene having over all dimension as mentioned above,

    Static Load – 4000kgs,

    Dynamic & Racking Load – 1200kgs

  • PROJECT NAME: Spill Pallets

    SIZE: 1320x1320x450MM

    COLOR: Blue


    Non Reversible 2-way entry Spill-Pallet with 3 longitudinal skid and steel reinforcement,perforated top made of special FDA grade polyethylene having over all dimension of 1320mmX1320mmX450mm,

    Static Load – 6000kgs,

    Dynamic & Racking Load – 1500kgs,

    Tank Capacity – 320 Litres



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